"In dem Augenblick, in dem ein Mensch den Sinn und den Wert des Lebens bezweifelt, ist er krank."
>> My legs are dangling off the edge, the bottom of a bottle is my only friend.
I think I'll slit my wrists again and I'm gone, gone, gone.

My legs are dangling off the edge, a stomach full of pills didn't work again.
I think I'll put a bullet in my head and I'm gone, gone, gone. <<
"Ich glaub' ich bin dauerhaft betrunken - ich seh' überall Menschen mit zwei Gesichtern."


I’m feeling broken in my melody 
as I sing to help the tears go away.

Then I remember the pledge you made to me. 
I know you’re always there 
to hear my every prayer inside. 
I’m clinging to the promise of a lifetime.
I hear the words you say 
to never walk away from me and leave behind. 
The promise of a lifetime.

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